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update 13

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 10, 2012, 11:48 AM
  • Listening to: The Lion King Broadway Cast - Circle of Life
  • Watching: you sleep
  • Playing: with your emotions
  • Eating: your dreams
- I am back for the summer! But then in October I'm going to Japan for 3 months YEAH IKR?? EEEEE >w<
- A huge thank you for all the new faves and even watches during my absence. There is a feature for my newest 10 watches at the bottom of this journal!
- If you think I owe you art and it's not… shout box) let me know!
- I now have an artwork tumblr!
- I now have artwork on display in a zoo and the childrens book I made as a teaching tool for them may be published for sale! *fingers crossed*

So yes - Japan! It's kind of my dream to go and study in Japan, and I have also always wanted to go to Hokkaido (I have been to Japan on holiday before but we didn't go that far up.) It is with my university, and as there is only one place for the exchange I was very lucky to get it *_*

Three months

in Japan

It still doesn't feel real. There is a lot of organisation that still needs to happen, but because I am now back home it all has to be done over email which means that it is taking FOREVER TAT
As it will be winter, and winter is waistcoat-season for me, I shall make it my mission to go around Japan looking as stereotypically romanticisedly British as possible <3

I am sorry that my hiatus was so prolonged, I had an incredibly large amount of freelance work which of course is wonderful and good, however this past year has been so stressful. It has made me decide that I never want to do freelance full-time. I need a regular shop-job or something to keep me sane. You see - if I work particularly hard in my job (I work in an art and craft shop) then I am tidying up lots, running around for customers, going through orders quickly etc. If I work particularly hard on freelance illustration work then I am sitting for longer than I would like at my computer working, or at a desk hunched over with an aching neck or back. I had to pull so many all-nighters over the course of the academic year just to get work done on time - I even had to keep missing the only extra curricular club thing I did (except pole, but that doesn't count P: )
Pretty sucky, but now that it is largely all finished I can lie back and relax TuT If you go to Marwell wildlife in Hampshire, England then you can see a bunch of penguins I drew around the new exhibit. I hope they publish my book for sale also : D The pirate website will hopefully be up soon too.

I have 50 images to post, so there is lots of look forward to, including cosplays, doll photos and photos of cake! Aside from photos the majority of the work I will be posting is university-related because I've had no time to do anything else x3
Also, to those who are recent watchers of mine I do have a request line-up thing:

Check it out yo!

I've nothing else to update upon apart from that I now have an obitsu named Mimi mark 2, I've tweaked my journal a bit and updated that top image and I fulfilled my childhood dream and went to see The Lion King in London last night *_* Simply breathtaking.

In thanks for all the faves and watches I have received during my absence I would like to feature my last 10 watchers <3

u1vz2ld9fdlhm by MKCVXIII m15fseuyt1xta by MKCVXIII rm4kvcoedd9do by MKCVXIII

Utena: The Mark of the Rose by InfinitexJester CCS: Captor's gaze by InfinitexJester Pandora Hearts: Distance by InfinitexJester

Melancholy by toffee-owl Sparrington: Proposition by toffee-owl Effie Trinket - Shoe Adjustment by toffee-owl


screen by KimagureTokio screen by KimagureTokio screen by KimagureTokio

Groovy Daruma by NeoKyoStudio Groove Octopus by NeoKyoStudio Katana Junkyard by NeoKyoStudio

Rin y Len by YouseiChan My chibi Hayato ^^ by YouseiChan Fiolee X Roy Riza by YouseiChan

Muraki by Sickkitty Where's the White Rabbit by Sickkitty

Mature Content

Not a speck.... by Sickkitty

IVORY by MisterCr3w BONE ALTAR REDUX by MisterCr3w SUN DEMON by MisterCr3w

Adelina Gisela WIP Lineart by fairlyflawed Moemura ::Request:: by fairlyflawed Bunny ::Sucker Punch:: by fairlyflawed

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update 12 - hiatus

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 27, 2011, 2:49 PM
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  • Drinking: Water :F
Sup dawgs~
I should perhaps have updated this earlier - but I'm at university now! Yay! I moved in a week ago and it has been awesome so far. Flat is awesome, flat mates are awesome, everybody in my course seems really nice, and today I made a fox thing that runs an illegal meat farm!

'Sir Victor Vicious is a fox masquerading as a well respected aristocrat and envied member of high society - however he secretly runs an illegal meat farm in a warehouse somewhere along the dockside (the illegal meat is children.)' Or something along those lines. I may post this in my gallery at some point.

:star: SHORT HIATUS TIME! :star:
Yeah I know - I'm doing that irritating thing where somebody goes to university and then is 'too busy' to be very active on DA anymore. Damn those people annoy me! However I have sort of stumbled into this illustration job (as long as everything goes according to plan!) with this PIRATE CLOTHING STORE. YES I KID YE NOT. But basically as far as I gather it involves digitally painting photo realistic ships doing battle (and some other stuff.) And then I have 2 commissions for people on DA, and I have a childrens book to illustrate for my mum for the zoo (but as a professional illustrator hurhur) AND uni work - and I joined the Plymouth Pirates society and the POLE DANCING SOCIETY and an RPG society. Hurrr. But yeah - because I've ended up with a stupidly large work load, and it's really serious stuff involving contracts, I have to take a break from DA. Soz P:

Anyway - I will still check my group messages (although not commenting on stuff for a while I'm afraid,) and also my notes - so if you need to get hold of me just send me a note. I also have MSN so you can note me for it if you're feeling deprived of my inane babbling <3

Tatty bye!

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update 11.6

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 22, 2011, 9:05 AM
  • Watching: Flight of the Conchords s2e10
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By far the best reason to change to beta testing temporarily~


Wow! Another update oh em geee!
Does anybody know of any good Speckett clubs? (Jack Sparrow/Cutler Beckett) Or in fact... any at all?
Or am I calling it the wrong thing? =S I generally don't like unfounded slash, but I have a weak spot for this pairing (it'sevensortofcanonsortof!)
I couldn't even find that much on just a general 'sparrow beckett' search D: Is the fanbase for this pairing THAT small?


Uaah so long time no update eh?
My dolls arrived and are so cute *_* I will post their box opening soon, but for now I have my Disney photos to throw at you! 8D
WE MET FLYNN 8D (we also saw Rapunzel and she was SOOO pretty *u* )
Just click on the photo below to go to my blog post with AAALLL my photos (there sure are a lot!)
We met Cruella and Buzz, and saw loads of the other characters 8D



Also we went to Disney - it was aweosme ^_^ I'll try and do soemthing about photos at some... point P:


Just a quick update to say how I am going to Disney yo BD

(Macarius and Rhoda are coming with us)
See you in a few days! :la:


I have things I am supposed to be writing about but instead I will mention how it is almost my birthday!! ;u; (15th May yo!)
Yey! I am very excited because it's a sunday at work (sundays are fun) and then THWT is coming round, AND it's the family birthday thing the same day 8D EEEE

Also I finally ordered my Suntan Paran twins!…
:iconcryforeverplz: 11 months now I have been trying to save up for them. Things like paying my mum back £500 somewhat delayed it. I don't think I have ever made such a large purchase in my life trololol

Other than that I promise I will submit some real art soon and also go through my messages P:



Liara's wise words of logic: Winsor & Newton masking fluid is generally thinner and better than Daler & Rowney. Also rub your brush on a bar of soap before using the masking fluid and it will save you a whole lot of grief!

:: minami 17 photo report of much photoness ::

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 27, 2011, 3:35 PM
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  • Playing: Fable II
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So I am finally posting up my photos from the anime convention I go to every year 8D


THWT, Rainbow--Ferret and I went to pizza hut for a mega awesome brunch before the con.

Rainbow--Ferret was already in her Lightening cosplay.

Watcha reading there THWT? >3>
(photos belongs to Rainbow--Ferret)

Friday night is always party night!

this is what the Minami twister always looks like. 4 mats tapes together and a huge bundle of crazy with a few dead, forgotten people at the bottom <3


there was an unusually large number of crossplayers/dressers at this year's Minami~

our lovely Llrael
(photo belongs to THWT)

(photo belongs to THWT)

there is also quite a lot of shoujo-ai fanservice in these photos x3

We're like demented moths disguised as japanese school girls.

Sensei and Dr Elliot Reed were hosting the variety show~
They weren't as good as the usual guy, but I'll give them credit for stepping in for him.

Shuffle girls with awesome ears!

because it was Comic Relief that night this crazy guy was hanging around. Ho yes~

Vampire Knight?

I think this was Hetalia P: I was surprised that there weren't more.

Ouran cosplay~
(with THWT's new boyfriend lurking above them in the background~)

(photo belongs to Pouncy)

I LOVED this loli Jigsaw 8'D
(I love lolita versions of things)

(photo belongs to THWT)

Sadly the jpop disco only happened after we left? :/ Very annoying as it is one of highlights of the con for me *huff*


aah the trio of awesome~
sadly Llrael was around with other friends so we didn't get to hang out with her that much ):

Photoshoot time!


(photos belongs to Silver-Photos)
These photos are all big and pretty here:
Utena Tenjou duellist cosplay by Lady-Liara

(photo belongs to Pouncy)

THWT as Mammon from Umineko no Naku Koro ni
(photos belongs to Silver-Photos)

(photo belongs to Pouncy)

Rainbow--Ferret as Vocaloid's Hatsune Miku
(photos belongs to Silver-Photos)

(photo belongs to Nert)

(photo belongs to Pouncy)

(photo belongs to Pouncy)

Llrael as... a Team Fortress person...?
(photo belongs to Nert)

THWT robbing somebody...?

oh she was just getting teh pocky! BD

Live action version of this sort of:…

'It starts like THIS!'

me showing off my rose seal ring I have had for years and year and years and then lost at this con D':
GrinningManiac is making me a new one though P:
(photos belongs to THWT)

look! a pair of floating chesticles! 8D
(photo belongs to Rainbow--Ferret)

the awesome Durara group~

and an awesome Gluttony~

Silver-Photos I think (as Helena yo!)

awesome sword of dios is Mammon's nyaow~

it was lovely to see a Rapunzel and Flynn <3


at first we were like 'FIGHT'!
(photo belongs to Rainbow--Ferret)

but we made teh friends 8D

round 2: FIGHT!

oh wait I have a sword-


Bento Dan

Silver-Photos has some awesome photos of this Alucard on her flickr here:…

(photo belongs to ggeudraco)

the usual guy hosting the masquerade wasn't there either. In his place stepped THAT MAN. (… - they are avenging the death of That Man)
Anyway - That Man made my day! He was absolutely fantastic and awesome and I wuv him! *creeps*
(photo belongs to Bento Dan)

Colonel Sanders pitched his idea for a new anime:…

at the end of the masquerade That Man was being all disheartened about all people getting together, and how he had nobody to call his own.
then That Woman appeared. Nuff said.

after that he hosted the auction! *u*
it's always fun to laugh at how much people pay for the most ridiculous items. This SEPHIROTH EAU DE TOILET was by far the most epic thing ever ever... (ever)
It didn't actually go for as much as we expected and the person who won it was the Gluttony from earlier on in his journal! Trolololol

this was Saturday night when I took my wig off, and this is why I am buying anew wig kthnx


the fucking sexy bitch that is THWT *_*

my legs were all battered up from catching them on the top of Holly's temporary cage =n=

usually there is an official con dollmeet, however for some reaosn it wasn't on this year P:
we brought them anyway <3 So here is my Coronata and Rainbow--Ferret's Zack~

moar ghey
(photo belongs to Rainbow--Ferret)

<3 <3 <3
(photo belongs to Rainbow--Ferret)

both of our costumes had 'crotch windows' soo... CROTCH HIGH-FIVE 8D
(photo belongs to Rainbow--Ferret)

(photo belongs to THWT)

THWT looks decidedly dazed
(photo belongs to THWT)

(photo belongs to THWT)

Wow you made it through the whole journal - bravo!
All in all great fun was had ^_^ I did not find any Utena or Muraki booty, but I did meet loads of great people.
I'll be going to Ayacon 2011 so if you're going look out for us there ^_~ (we'll most likely be looking lost and bewildered)

Thanks to everybody who's photos I have used! If I have mis/uncredited anybody just give me a shout and I'll amend it!
Until Minami 18~


Liara's wise words of logic: is your cosplay involves a wig, it is really a very good idea to invest a couple of quid into a wig cap. They make everything a lot easier.

:: update 10 ::

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 27, 2011, 3:07 PM
  • Watching: Jonathon Creek
  • Playing: Fable III
  • Drinking: Water :F
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Wow new journal editing page is weird...
Anyway - I went to Minami con (in my new Utena cosplay)! I also got a new rabbit (not at the con.)
I will update upon all of these things once I have gone through my 1k+ messages *sob*
Forgive me! D:


:la: :la: :la:

That's right dawgs! (and cahts) Having been rejected from Falmouth last year, I then reapplied to Falmouth & some other places this year. Plymouth then became my first choice because IT IS AWESUM. It was also my first interview, and yay! Now I don't have to go to any others!! Having thought my Falmouth interview last year went well, only to be rejected - I was very nervous about the outcome of this Plymouth interview, especially as it started going off course at one point.

:la: :la: :la:
(they are also the place that do the Japanese exchange *cough* )

although I will never quite get over the loss of my pokemon games, and the feeling on invasion and nasty people being in my room, I have pretty much gotten over the material losses now. NOW I am floating in heaven surrounded by beautiful technology! All of my new stuff is better than my last - even my wacom tablet which I bought with my own money as a treat <3 My new laptop looks like an oreo, my new xbox is just stunning! (I had my 60 quid pre-owned old old xbox replaced with a 250GB brand new, new-version black patent xbox with built in wireless etc.) There have also been other bits and pieces, so atm I think I'm all tecnologied out! But I still have quite a lot of vouchers to spend :la: IT'S THE FUN SPENDING BIT.


Liara's wise words of logic: if you are in need of darning wool - you can just strand down some tapestry wool

:: update 9 ::

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 18, 2010, 10:27 AM
  • Watching: Horton hears a who
  • Drinking: Water :F
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I know that I have not been here really for a while and I'm sorry.
I shan't be around for even longer now because we got burgled.

Yup that's right - we came home yesterday to find all our consoles, and both my computers gone. The pets are okay though, as are the dolls. Consequently expect lots of typos as I am having to use the horrendously old computer with the shitty keyboard : |

both my mum and I were working yesterday, and after work popped round my grandma's as it was her 80th birthday. We get in and glanced into the sitting room. There were christmas decorations all on the floor, and the TV in there was on the floor with the table at a weird angle. We thought maybe the middle door hadn't been shut and our dog had been at it? We turn round
drawers open.
Dogs can't open drawers - something is wrong. We go into the sittign room - gaze around. Xbox gone. SHIIIIIIIIIT. Go back into the front room - Wii gone. Rush upstairs (baby gate open and board fallen down,) to my bedroom: all my drawers are open - my clothes etc rootled through. My mac is gone along with the box that was conveniently next to it (I had just got it back from being repaired at the apple shop.) Next check the stairs to the loft where I had left my laptop - gone. My camera was right next to my mac from taking photos that morning - now gone. My DS with all my pokemon games (and Elite Beat Agents,) was next to my Mac as well. I can't find it but I haven't tidied up yet (my room was untidy even before we were robbed.)
When my mac went in for repair a week or so ago I had to buy an external harddrive to back everything up so they could reformat the computer? THANK FUCK quite frankly. I have never backed anything up before in my life, and I am so glad my mac decided to break when it did. So I haven't lost any of my data - but some people have a copy of it?
It feels so weird. I live on my mac - it's like some people have a copy of an intimate part of my life...? something so personal... I mean - it's likely they will wipe it (if they know how to wipe a mac) but you never know whose hands it may fall into.

There's also the whole issue of the fact that... somebody has been in my bedroom - and through all my stuff. They threw my mum's jewelery boxes on the ground, but didn't take anything thankfully. It was the feeling  of horror and it really was disturbing. It's the first time I have truely felt disturbed. The whole thing was very upsetting, and I'm just so glad THWT was there to answer my frantic texts. I love you so my hun <3

I live in my bedroom so it's just... horrid and weird.
Everything they took can easily be replaced (apart from my pokemon games but I'm not going to start getting into that now...)

*sigh* We got off very well considering what could have happened...


Other news: fucking snow *sorry* HMMM I do not want snow this time round. It is my grandma's 80th birtdhay party tomorrow and lots of people aren't going to be able to make it. It's very dissapointing considering how stressfull organising this whole thing has proven...

Anyway I hope everybody has been having a better week than I *dry laugh*
I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get through my 400+ DA messages now until I have my own computer. This one is just so unbearable D: (it's a hate-hate relationship.)
I have some things for clubs I need to post though, and I will TRY to do a Lemoning christmas special (I know things havent been going so well with that atm.)



Liara's wise words of logic: paints come in two different qualities: Student quality and Artist quality. Student quality is absolutly fine, but artist quality is generally said to be brighter. This is because there is more pigment in the Artist quality paints, whereas in the student quality there is more 'filler' as it were.

:: update 8.3 ::

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 14, 2010, 4:49 AM
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Derp, this is juts a quick update.


Yes that's right! Lemoning is now a group on deviantArt!
I will be posting comics exclusively there, so if you like my work please go and join it! >w<

In other news I was getting over 100 messages per day (200 some days,) which I just can't keep up with. Consequently I've had to severely cut down the number of people I watch, meaning I've had to un-watch some people and groups I really like ): *sadness*
But it had really gotten to the stage where it was that or go on a hiatus.

My only other point of interest is that this whole Plymouth thing has really inspired me (which in turn has made me fell inadequate about my work?) So expect stuff 8D



'Japanese Exchange and Report

The module enables you to extend your experience and understanding of subjects through study abroad. You spend a minimum of twelve weeks at the Hokkaido College of Art & Design, Bisen, Japan. This offers the opportunity to increase communication skills, self-reliance, a greater awareness of cultural values and increased vocational prospects. You write a critical evaluation of your educational, cultural and personal experience.'

That's on the Plymouth illustartion course







I have various things to update on ~o~
The most important being Lemoning - and whether I should just post all the pages here?

Basically I want Lemoning to get more exposure. It's somewhat disheartening when I'm only getting one comment each page =/ I'm incredibly thankful to Limzee for her loyal commenting - but I am putting quite a lot of work into these, even if the style is a little misleading.
I may make a poll about this later, but I would really appreciate your opinion on this. As far as I can see the options are as follows:

a) keep posting them on and just posting a few highlights on DA
b) start posting them all on this DA account (kind of like humon)
c) start a new DA account specifically for Lemoning
d) great a group for Lemoning where most of the pages would be posted exclusively into the group itself

If anybody has any other suggestions I would really appreciate them!
I'm not sure what to do as I a) want more comments, b) don't want to spam people's inboxes, c) don't want to have to have an empty, un-heard of second account and d) don't want to seem pretentious.
TT_TT Help...?

To my knowledge that Zaoll Luv still hasn't been found - 'tis very sad ): But from the sounds of it the owner is probably just going to rebuy her.
As far as doll things go this end it's all jake. I've been able to buy a lot more stuff for them what with my new job. The next things on the agenda are: ~£220 for HZ outfits, £350 I owe my mum, ~£700 for my twins. Hurrhurr.
But I do love my job! Everybody is lovely (although the other new girl does annoy me a little...) and it's just a great place to work! (lots of cake)

This is our shop teddy bear Fortescue!
He has various little outfits for various occasions (he's dressed up as a sailor at the moment because the guy who I'm essentially replacing has gone off to work on a cruise ship :3)
Also THWT's new MSD girl arrived! She is incredibly beautiful, and I'll post some photos of her later ^_~

The art market I had a stall at was fun! I didn't actually make a profit (derp) but it was an experience/something to put on my CV/great fun. Thanks be to THWT for helping me man it!
(Those small copic pictures are still for sale by the way =/)


Liara's wise words of logic: paints come in two different qualities: Student quality and Artist quality. Student quality is absolutly fine, but artist quality is generally said to be brighter. This is because there is more pigment in the Artist quality paints, whereas in the student quality there is more 'filler' as it were.

:: features ::

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 19, 2010, 9:50 AM
  • Listening to: Ponyo OST
  • Reading: Sweeny Todd
  • Drinking: Water :F

Woo! All the slots have been taken! 8D
Thanks guys!


I still have some feature slots open guys! ^_^


My birthday was tres-awesome by the way ^_~
Thank you to those who sent me birthday wishes! ^_^


it's my birthday tomorrow! whoot!
I was so busy with work and interview though that most of my presents from family will still be in the mail ^^'''

oh well, I get to wear my new dress and eat good food : B

So I thought I'd do that feature chain that everybody is doing <3

> Be one of the first 20 people commenting on this journal entry, and I will add you to the Featured List!
> For each of the 20 first people answering this journal I will put his/her avatar and the three deviations I like most from his/her gallery on the list.
If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting me on the first place, completing the list with 19 other people. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone. (or, you know, whatever...)
Just comment saying something like 'FEATURE 8D' and I will feature you! ^^

1. bechahns
gwely mernans by bechahns

Mature Content

g e m    i n i by bechahns

2. Lyrisin
Buck by Lyrisin

Mature Content

Dustin Comic 8 - L'Odalisque by Lyrisin
For Witch-in-Wellingtons by Lyrisin

3. RPG-freak
I am going to hell... by RPG-freak Tallen new coloring by RPG-freak cyrus and Adrienne by RPG-freak

Dancing in the Moonlight by THWT What We Do by THWT Happily Ever After: Take II by THWT

5. Rainbow--Ferret
WIP - The Chibi kind of Love by Rainbow--Ferret Mei Realism by Rainbow--Ferret Brothers we stand... by Rainbow--Ferret

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Love's Future by JadineR
Speed paint - Tora Olafsdotter by JadineR

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Dragonair by yiuu My Name is Jelly by yiuu Prince by yiuu

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19. Llrael
Tree Demon by Llrael Mr Lacey by Llrael Masquerade by Llrael

20. EternalGraveDancer
Muses: Chou-chan by EternalGraveDancer Muses: Ruin -Chibi- by EternalGraveDancer Muse: Kalani K. by EternalGraveDancer


Liara's wise words of logic: wax seals come in a range of colours. Tradition dictates that black wax is to be used for mourning, and red wax for letters between men - especially when business related - and letters from men to women. Women were allowed to use a variety of colours.

:: Update 7.4 ::

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 14, 2010, 12:03 AM
  • Drinking: Water :F
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I will be having a stall in Winchester Art Market this Sunday! (15th.) It starts at 10 and goes on for a while (I have no idea when it ends,) but it's a great market with a huge range of different things. I'll be there with my beautiful assistant THWT selling A5 prints and greeting cards. Also there are 6 A6 copic pieces which I have made exclusively for the market, which I will be selling the originals (as well as prints and cards of.) There's Light, Cloud, Miku, Utena, Lelouch and Chii.
I hope it goes well TT_TT

But if you are in the area you should come nose round the market! Just go into Winchetser city center and it's no hard to miss. You can start at one end of the high street and then just follow it around <3

In other words, I have been so busy TT_TT I'll reply to DA stuffs laters


Wow! So my kiriban has been caught! It was very close, and I think I should have perhaps announced it a little earlier ^^' sorry guys
Rainbow--Ferret caught it - well done her! ^o^
20,000 though? ^///^ Thank you everybody! I really do love you all - I wouldn't be here if it weren't for all your support :hug:

In other news - I GOT A JOB TODAY!!!
I've been looking for ages (I even had an interview at Anne Summers!) but to finally have one is such a relief! What's more it's such a great job! I wouldn't call it my dream job, but it's not far off! I mean, I've been looking at supermarkets, but have managed to land myself a job in a small, cute, independent art shop in the beautiful city of Winchester (which is a long bus journey or short train journey away from me.) It's one of those shops where every spare inch is covered with things. Everybody seems friendly and the hours are pretty good. I'll be working every weekend but then I'm not about to get picky with this x3 It's a lovely little shop and I get to loiter around art supplies all day!
8D *nosebleed*

Hurr art wise.
There are 2 commissions I owe people, and now the kiriban prize. I'll be posting the old Lemoning pages until I've finished with the back story pages. Then I might just post the odd few which I like a lot, but I really do recommend you just check the website: It updated almost every day.
In regards to that - if you draw a picture of Coronata and/or Macarius (or Malteser for that matter) and tell me then it will get featured on the Artwork page on the Lemoning website! For reference just refer to the images already featured there ^^
I have been a little lack of going through my messages and have delayed these commissions because I am working on things for some art shows! There is a watercolour realism picture of a tiger I have WIP for an exhibition later in August which I need to finish as well as the Winchester Art Market which I have a stall at! So expect some things for that coming your way (I'm actually working that day now... I'm going to have to see if I can try and rearrange it guh so awkward.)



Just a notice to let you guys know my next kiriban will be at 20,000 pageviews!
It's less than 150 views away so keep your eyes peeled!
Just send me a screencap if you get the 20,000th view or close to it!
The prize will be a request of some type P:


Haaaa~ Wednesday night I went to see Versailles playing in London~

Revenant Choir PV

Serenade PV

(both videos are sooo good!)
(and they're ALL dudes by the way ^_~)

It was my first concert, and I told myself that there would never be any point for me to go see anybody live - unless something crazy happened like... Versailles came to London! (2 weeks later guess what news gothicdragon752 gave me!) It was soo good!! I just can;t get over seeing them in the flesh so close! It wasn't too far from the front - if I had been a couple of rows forward I would have been able to touch Hizaki when he leant over to everybody <3
But yush - Kamijo spoke beautiful Engrish (Rondon is very beauty apparently <3) We were on the Hizaki side so we didn't get to see Teru that much, but he did come over and did a <3 sign with his hands and our side, and we were all screaming doing <3 signs back at him <3 He is sooooo cute! And people had roses, and Kamijo actually took some of them <3 He kissed one rose xD They threw loads of stuff into the audience like water bottles with straws, and picks - but I didn't catch any xD I don't think I would have had the guts to wrestle for it anyway.

But Hizaki was super cute. I couldn't see what, but he got onto something so that he could reach closer to the crowd - meaning that one of the 02 staff had to actually hold him up so that he didn't fall xD Also there was a bit where Kamijo introduced him for a big guitar solo, and then Hizaki fell over! A roadie had to hurry on and help him up along with Kamijo <333 He seemed pretty tired, but seemed to get better (this was near the end of the show.)
There was also some scrummy KamijoxHikzaki fan service, as Kamijo put one hand on Hizaki's shoulder, and held the microphone to Hizaki, and then like... buried his face in Hizaki's neck xD It was yuummmmyyyy~!

At the end when Kamijo was crediting everyone (so it was all 'Guitarist Teru!') he also credited Jasmine You? It was really sad I almost cried TT_TT (Jamsine You is the one who died.)

Anyways, I want to get the official photos I bought framed xD


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Spreading the word: Doll Stolen at AVcon

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 28, 2010, 2:35 PM
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hiritai posted a journal passing this news on and so now I am.

kimiko had her Zaoll Luv stolen at AVcon. It's just so devastatingly sad... I'm sure other doll owners can empathise...

From kimiko's journal:

'My Zaoll Luv ended up in lost property at AVcon (Adelaide) on Saturday night, and when I went to claim her on Sunday someone had already taken her. I need all your help in trying to track her down. I'm also in touch with AVcon staff to try and resolve this. For anyone who knows my dolls, this is my Boy Luv's faceplate on my Muses' body.

If you observe anyone in the doll community who has recently acquired, or is selling any of the following:

• A Zaoll Luv (53cm) in normal resin
• A white V-neck Sadol top with orange, blue and grey stripes
• A Zaoll sized cardigan with a tall, fold-down collar
• 12mm Blue urethane eyes
• Six pieces of sterling silver jewellery, including 5 bracelets and a pendant with a small brass circle.
• A two-layer black dollmore skirt
• A short black wig
• My crappy hand-made cotton shirt and blue scarf

She has a unique faceup with a scar running across the tip of her nose and across her cheek. This is what she looked like on the day:…

And a face closeup:…

If you have my doll and are reading this, I don't care what you reasons are for taking her, I am not here to condemn or publicly shame you, I just want my girl back. I am happy to resolve this in private if you get in touch with me. If you want to enjoy this hobby it doesn't make any sense to take something that isn't yours.

If you have any information please contact me at'

Please can people keep an eye out for her?? This is really important.

Thank you


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:: update 6.3 ::

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 26, 2010, 2:00 PM
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My webcomic is up!
(link below)

At the moment it is updating every day, and I'll try to keep that going for as long as possible <3
Hopefully the back story pages will help explain a bunch of stuff x3


I've updated my blogspot with some photo shoots amongst other things!

Click on the images to go to the posts and see the photos!

and then I also made an entry explaining all Coronata and Macarius' names, and also details of how old they are:


Enjoy! ^_^


I'm sorry to be spamming you all so much today (in the future I will try to go through my DA messages as I get them...)

I have interesting news including a future webcomic project, new dolls and new clubs!

First the boring stuff: commissions.
I have THWT's I need to finish and Fly1ngSquirrel's that I need to start, but I have put NEW commission info on my front page (under my favourites.) I dunno - I like to think that my prices are reasonable =/ I really couldn't justify charging any less...
Chibis are the easiest 8D
All commissions start at £3 ($4.33) - but for your precious £3 you can get a head and shoulders sketch, or a lineart chibi! (or perhaps a sketch chibi with 2 figures!) Exciting stuff eh~?

I'm trying to get a job (lol isn't everyone?) Because I still need to pay my mother back hundreds of pounds (haha you think I'm exaggerating?) as well as buy Macarius a £150 HZ outfit. This is all BEFORE I start saving for my MSD (45cm) girls x3
But I have finally decided what they will be - and even their basic back story!

Yep, I've decided on Dollmore's Suntan Paran for my twins. The sculpt has grown on me (: I want to get them short hair though... but possibly that organic pink colour...
Basically they're the daughters of this fairly old fashioned and aristocratic businessman who had an affair with his potentially Egyptian maid who then died during child birth. His wife then ended up divorcing him. He blames the girl for loosing both of the women. He goes through various stages of being depressed and drinking - never paying much attention to them as they grow up. Blabla in the end he breaks up with another (new)important woman in his life, lapses into depression/alcoholism again and kinda molests the girls? They run away from the house, are found huddled in a ditch the next morning and somehow end up living far away, in Coronata's house with Macarius and Malteser (which makes no sense but meh x3) I quite like this story because it means they can be sensibly coloured and romantically foreign, but still very traditionally British xD

So, webcomic? Don't get too excited x3 I want to do a sort of doodle, ideally-amusing webcomic (or kinda comic strips,) or doll-related things. Like this: but in this sort of style: (Although in my own doodley type of style. I tried doing others and it suprisingly didn't work ^^') So if I do ever start this thing - don't expect great feats of artistic greatness.
Because you will be very

Clubs! Did any of you know about the joint account THWT and I had? I doubt you did as not much happened on it, but IT WAS ABOUT COWS! 8D Well being the awesome people we are, we have converted it into a proper club!

:star: :iconmilk-junkies: :star:

I mean... COWS GUYS! 8D

About the features journal: it's now off my front page I know, however each time somebody gets added I'll make it a major update so that all my watchers get it in their inboxes... AGAIN! :EVILLAUGH:

I haven't really got anything else to update upon aside from the fact that I'm going to the June London doll meet, and the theme is to dress like your doll? I ended up being a seifuku (Japanese sailor school uniform) which cost about £25 in the end .__.;;; oh... well...?



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:: urbandictionary game ::

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Go to and type in your answers to the following questions.
Post the first definition it gives you.
Tag 3 people.

1) Your name? Katharine
a girl that will make your day just by smiling, fun to hang around with, and somebody that will always be a good friend. she is beautiful, inside and out.
katharine is the best person in the world.

(the other 2 entries were... interesting...))

2) Your age? 19
The Canadian drinking age. 2 years better than 21

3) What should you be doing? Colouring
The act of grasping a pen or pencil tightly in your entire fist, then proceeding to (preferably holding it point down) rub it over a line picture. Also what I fucking love.
COLOURING: I fucking love it.

5) Favorite color? Purple
Extremely potent marijuana, specifically marijuana buds that have a purple hue to them. Also accompanied by a fragant, usually fruity smell and mad perma-grin.
Yo, you gotta come over and smoke, boy! I got the purple!

6) Birthplace? Romsey
Romsey: Official Epicentre for Inbreeding in Southern Britain. Romsey: Old English(Saxon), Rumsie' meaning Piss- Head in breed Drug user. Location. Nr Southampton, now a landfill site for low level toxic waste. Still inhabited by local Mongers / and Chav inbreeds. Dialect: monosyllabic grunts, belching, farting. Reason for existing: None. Population: 8,000... all related Drugs: Prevalent.
Visitor: 'Hello are you from around here? Where can I find the Abbey?

Romsey Plankton: 'Unghhh Urghhhh mmmnpppff (trans: I need drugs).'

Visitor: 'Oh I see you are retarded, perhaps your sister/mother/ wife can help?'

Romsey Slut: 'MMMMnnnngwaaarrrr,,, ugn UgnUGN... Giro?'
( Can you sign my Giro?).

(That's hilarious xDD)

7) Month of your birth? May
may is the month where teachers think that they can control a classroom but really nothing gets done and no one cares about their grades anymore. usually this happens because summer break is only 30 days away

8) Last person you talked to? My mum (mum)
A word americans don't know how to spell. Also townies use the phrase 'your mum' as an insult
me: fuck off
Townie: your mum


9) One of your nicknames? Liara
The act of carrying on a relationship with an alien named Tali in the game "Mass Effect 2".
"Did you hook up with Liara in Mass Effect 1?"
"No I'd rather have a Talimance in Mass Effect 2."


10) Tag! Hannah! (THWT)
a girl with class, grace, poise and elegance
Audrey Hepburn was a real hannah.

Becky! (seasonaldragon1)
according to plies, giving head,
(sorry becky ^_^')

Louise! (Llrael)
Louise always attracts attention to herself even without trying. She is extremely intelligent but sometimes a little ditzy when she gets too excited, but always interesting and fun! Louise usually looks gorgeous and has a fantastic smile that lights Everyone up. She treats people fairly and truthfully even if they dont like it! Dont mess with her - she will never forget it! Louise is the greatest one man woman lover you will ever find and is always optimistic with life, and stubbornly determined to succeed like a warrior at whatever she attempts. Louise's are great people! Hug one and tell her so today!

WOOSH!!! *flies away*


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:: update 5 ::

Journal Entry: Fri May 7, 2010, 10:41 AM
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Edit: the last few days I have been soaking with tears, and that was the came wen I was typing out this journal. I then had to leave and have just come back and found all the comments! They were so kind and heart-warming - just the fact that within a few hours so many people had written long messages trying to cheer me up...! It really did! I was surprised that people would take that much care, and it really has warmed my heart. I love you all so much, I really do! And I truly am sincere in my words.
I will try things like clearing and blabla - anything to try and get a place, but I'm also very prepared now to get a job and get some money 'for uni next year' (*cough* puki rose *cough* ) My mum works for a zoo, and has also told me a few very exciting illustration-job possibilities? So there is potential there.

and yeah... I may not fail at being an artist but I sure do fail at being a depressive! ¦D

My assessment is on the 12th of May. After that I will return to DA full-time :3


I don't know when I will be back from my hiatus... I just thought I would post a new journal to let those interested know that I did not get into the university I applied to for my Illustration BA.
I applied to Falmouth, and only Falmouth sheerly because of my much I loved it. I actively didn't want to go anywhere else. I sent my application off, they asked for a CD of my work. I sent that off they asked me for interview. I went to interview and came back really happy - I thought I had done really well. There was nothing they had asked for which I hadn't had, there was nothing they asked me which I couldn't answer and I made my enthusiasm for the course very clear. I can't understand what I could have done wrong...! I've emailed asking for feedback...
I am absolutely crushed though. I spent all yesterday crying and didn't get much sleep because I was so upset. Now I've just received a confirmation of my rejection, from Falmouth. I'm at uni mounting up my final work, but wtf is the fucking point?! I've had trouble enough with this display and they've threatened to turn it around to the white side (as opposed to my wallpaper) for the final show anyway. What really upsets me is when I think about how hard I have pushed myself this year. For what?

Of course I knew I was taking a risk only applying to one place, and when asked I had always said that I would happily get a job for a year and then apply again - but I honestly can't think of what I did wrong, so I can't even begin to imagine how to improve my portfolio! I prepared so much for the interview... I guess now that it has actually happened I'm more depressed than I thought I would be...

My birthday is on the 15th as well, but I really don't care anymore. I hadn't paid much mind to it because of all the interview and end of show palaver, but now I feel like such a fucking failure. My aunt rang me especially to ask for a detailed account of my interview because she was so excited... I can't bear to think about breaking the news to everybody...

What has this year been for? Why should I bother putting effort into my WIP display downstairs..?


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:: Update 4 ::

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 4, 2010, 4:10 AM
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Bwah, everybody is making such a fuss about those April Fools icons that DA gave everybody.
It's sad that people can't just have fun, but rather have to complain about everything ~_~ Says something about contemporary youth really...

Anyway - I ought to say about the hiatus I'm having to go on. I'm going to Wales, then Minami, and then I have a week to complete my project...

consequently I'm off!
ttyl! ^_~


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:: Triptych Analysis ::

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 23, 2010, 3:43 PM

The following is the in-depth analysis that accompanies my fairytales triptych - 'The Princess,' 'The Prince' and 'The Happily Ever After.' This analysis was written for my school project in March 2009.



I was greatly inspired by my previous study of the narrative methods of William Hogarth and his ‘Marriage à -la-mode,’ with its six parts. I thus decided to produce a triptych to conclude my project – using visual elements I have observed in the different artists I have studied throughout this project to convey the common themes of fairytales that I have learnt. Visually the main inspiration for the triptych was Alphonse Mucha – his use of frames, line and relatively flat colour being something that lends itself nicely to the art style of illustrators such as Ryoko Ikeda. I particularly liked the composition of Mucha’s ‘Hamlet’ and how it focuses on the character whilst another scene is played out behind him. I decided to use this idea in my final pieces – focusing on the stock characters of the Prince and Princess with the addition of their presumed ‘Happily Ever After.’

I dressed the characters in historical clothing, based largely on 18th century fashions. From my previous studies I learnt that characters from fairytales are most often illustrated wearing the fashion of the era the stories were published – despite the stories being well known verbally before. Thusly I used a combination of historical costume books (such as the Taschen ‘Fashion: A History from the 18th to the 20th Century,’) as well as illustrations from the 30th anniversary ‘Rose of Versailles’ art book to design their costumes so as to give them relative historical accuracy, whilst still exaggerating the breadth of skirt and volume of the ruffles to retain that magical, idealistic and fantasy atmosphere fairytales hold. With this idea in mind I thinned the characters down greatly - making the Princess particularly dainty, and lengthening the legs so as to give the characters a look of otherworldly elegance and beauty. I also exaggerated the hair so that it curls out, riding on unrealistically dramatic wind, and I think that this in particular makes the piece. I decided to use ink to silhouette the characters’ skin exclusively, as a device to mask their true identities. I have seen this method used in Japanese animation before, such as during a flashback to a memory or dream where the faces are not easily remembered.

I used this method chiefly to extinguish any sense of individuality the characters may have, and to indicate that I was painting stock characters and essentially the personification of roles in classic fairytales. I am not painting A Princess, who may have her own doubts and interests, but rather I am portraying THE Princess – the figure who’s purpose it is only to show ideal qualities in a bride, and be rescued by the Prince she will then marry. The purpose of this triptych is to take the perceived clichés and create a second, darker meaning below the surface of the façade, and thus I thought it very appropriate to present them as Tarot Cards – long lost and hidden, with multiple meanings.

The Princess

Because the Princess is the first in the triptych, and was not part of the 15-hour exam, she was partially used as a trial to see if the proposed idea and composition structure would work well. Thus less symbolism is present in her composition. Before starting I found Mucha’s ‘Dance’ and digitally silhouetted out the skin to see if the method would work at all. Pleased with the result, I confidently proceeded to use this technique in my further paintings. The style in which I have drawn the characters’ hair is inspired by the very stylised and exaggerated hair in the artwork for the animated series ‘Revolutionary Girl Utena.’ I decided to use gold acrylic and gel pen on the work so as to highlight the archaic preciousness of the ‘cards’ I am trying to suggest, but also because I am particularly inspired by Gustav Klimt’s use of gold leaf in his artwork. Flowers have always been used as symbols in art and in my triptych it is the flowers that give the most away concerning the card’s subject. The Princess’s feminine pose suggests a refined daintiness and youthful beauty about her – and yet the level of her beauty and jewels contradicts her assumed virtue and modesty. Indications of her looseness include her dress – exposing her slender shoulders, the choker (chokers having often been used as a sign of prostitution, such as in Edouard Manet’s ‘Olympia,’ and which also emphasizes her bare shoulders,) and also the prominent use of the colour red – red having always been associated with fiery passion (as are red roses,) but also with blood, danger and arrogance. The castle in the panel behind her is largely in keeping with the façade of stereotypes, and is inspired by Bavarian Castles and also Edmund Dulac’s illustrations. It’s meaning is to highlight the fact that if the groom is a Prince, the bride must either be of royal birth herself, or a high-ranking aristocrat. The castle represents the handsome dowry that must be present for the wedding to be at all possible. Although in retrospect I would have appreciated putting far more symbolism into the piece I am still pleased with the general outcome – especially in the movement of the hair, painting of the gown and the successful contrast of blues with the warm reds, browns and golds between the back panel and the foreground.

The Prince

‘The Prince’ was the first out of the two remaining cards of the triptych that were painted within the 15 hours of the exam. Because of this I made many initial sketches, and my level of planning means that there is a lot more symbolism and thought in the piece when compared to ‘The Princess.’ I decided to have him be caught in the stereotypically heroic pose of being on his rearing horse. I gave him a dramatic, deep red cape not only as an echo of the beautiful use of material in Alphonse Mucha’s artwork, but also so that the cloak acts as a direct visual link to flowing torrents of blood. I wanted to include this mass movement of red, along with the blood staining the lilies so as to suggest the true intent of the Prince – and what kind of man he really is. What could be a pleasant depiction of the heir to the throne nobly sat upon his steed – such as in John Bauer’s illustration, has instead turned into the image of the Prince upon his mighty war horse riding off to a bloody battle of which his proud and commanding pose suggests he is the instigator of. This is even more enforced by the back panel. In keeping with ‘The Princess,’ and also by having a back panel the subject of which is so distant that it cannot be confused with the foreground, I decided to depict another building – specifically a castle-like structure so as to immediately connect it as being the property of the royal family. I especially enjoyed the first panel of William Hogarth’s ‘Marriage à-la-mode,’ and how once the paintings on the wall are recognized, the meaning of the scene changes to one far more sinister. I used this idea in ‘The Prince,’ by making the back panel a copy of Jean-Pierre-Louis-Laurent Houel’s ‘Prise de la Bastille,’ an 18th century painting that depicts the storming of the Bastille in France. The Bastille was a medieval fortress and prison, and represented the royal authority in the centre of Paris. The storming of it was the flashpoint of the French Revolution, and became the icon of the French Republic. This is perhaps my favourite aspect of my painting, as without the knowledge of the 18th century painting by Houel, it merely seems the picturesque scene of an afternoon at the royal castle. However with the knowledge of it’s direct links to the French Revolution, one can see the smoke and fire. In this way, the back panel acts as an omen for the future – as the Prince fights expensive, bloody wars there is the dire threat of revolution accumulating – or alternatively the back panel could act as a window showing what is currently happening at his property whilst he is away fighting personal battles. Other symbolism within the piece includes that of the white lilies – lilies having connotations of majesty and purity but also of death. The Prince’s clothes are partially inspired by portraits of royalty, such as Makovsky Alexander II of Russia, as well as Ryoko Ikeda’s character designs for her series ‘The Rose of Versailles.’ ‘The Prince’ is perhaps my favourite of the triptych, and I am especially pleased with the cloak and back panel – both of which I think are very successful.

The Happy Ever After

I decided to conclude my triptych with the union of the two characters from the previous cards, as I felt the inclusion of a new character would needlessly detract away from the subject of my triptych – the use of social titles in fairytales. The concept and phrase, ‘Happily Ever After’ is another cliché I thought interesting to explore. After all, having developed the characters of my previous ‘façades to virtue and chivalry’ – what could the future for them together possibly hold?
The curtains in the previous parts to the triptych have been subject to wind – blowing the opposite way to that in the foreground of the picture. However there is a sense of stillness about the final part. I believe I have achieved this by having the hair move only upwards and not in any particular direction (as if the air were coming from below them,) and also having the curtains neatly parted – showing how the marriage has supposedly restrained and finalised the lives of the young couple. I wanted to portray within ‘The Happily Ever After’ the characteristics previously exhibited by the characters. Thus it is the Princess who is breaking convention and is reaching up to kiss the Prince, whereas he barely looks at her – his hands hanging loosely around her waist. The plants used are orange blossom, a symbol of eternal love, marriage and fruitfulness – whereas the ivy, like tarot cards, has several different meanings. On the one hand the way it is an evergreen plant has come to hold connotations of long-lasting marriage as well as long life. However, the fact that ivy is often poisonous and also grows across solid foundations and breaks the brick apart with it’s deep roots also suggests destruction of something whose sturdy walls have survived for years and years (perhaps akin to the monarchy,) being broken apart by a new growth. The back panel contains various omens to the two figure’s future. The gate has been seemingly opened to a beautifully snowy garden, however in truth cold iron gates open unto a cold and barren landscape where nothing will bloom or bear fruit. The ravens dotted about the gate act as traditional symbols of death and ill fortune.


Overall I have been very pleased with the outcomes of my exam pieces and the preparatory piece ‘The Princess’ which completes the triptych. I found the narrative construction and symbolism immensely enjoyable to create, especially in the two back panels of ‘The Prince’ and ‘The Happily Ever After,’ of which I am not only pleased with symbolically but also with the physical paintings themselves. I believe that the use of hair was particularly effective as well as the Prince’s cloak. If I were able to improve the paintings at all, however, I would try to put more emphasis on the flora. I encountered certain problems with making the flowers stand out from the background, whilst trying to avoid the stark contrast between the white flowers and dark background making them seem sparse and floating (such as in the bottom section of ‘The Princess.’) I believe this to be partially successful under the horse in ‘The Prince,’ however the ivy and orange blossom in ‘The Happily Ever After’ is still particularly difficult to decipher due to the ivy being naturally fairly dark in colour. Aside from that, my biggest struggle that I did not manage to overcome was in the titles. I found it very difficult to find a colour that would stand out enough from the red curtains, and did not manage to find a suitable alternative to the pale blue – especially as the two had to match ‘The Princess’ to an extent. In a way this set example made decision making easier for me as the previous parts of the triptych had already set certain rules regarding composition and colour – but it also limited me in certain aspects (such as the necessity of the Prince’s hair to be dark brown and the background to also be – leading to his hair being more difficult to see than I would have liked.) Despite this I am still very pleased with the triptych, and believe that they work well as a set – lending to each other’s narratives and achieving an ideal sense of majesty and fantasy whilst still possessing a far darker and sinister purpose and reading.

I am very pleased with how this project has progressed, and have enjoyed learning about the different ways in which fairytales are illustrated, and how darker elements can be successfully integrated within a seemingly harmless piece of art so as to increase the breadth of understanding and create a vivid message to the viewer (such as in William Hogarth’s work.) I decided to display my final pieces in a false book so as to suggest that they have been long lost and are archaic, precious objects with such great significance that they were hidden away from sight. I found the cards dwarfed in the emptiness of the box, and so for this reason and also so as to enforce the idea that they are but part of a set of Tarot-esque cards, I built up a false deck behind them and designed the back of the cards. The back design itself features two nude female elfin creatures, whose skins are significantly not masked out. Everything about their design is made simple in contrast with the Prince and Princess – they have no extravagant costumes, and the cards are merely shaded in sepia, and feature no gold. At the same time they have their backs turned from the viewer – so as to avoid boasting their bodies.  However they are not masked - the presence of their faces showing that through their simplicity and modesty they have identity, as opposed to bearing themselves down with false smiles and rich adornments – presenting themselves to the world as the title they were born into. The torn book in the centre of the two women represents the fairytale literally falling apart. I decided to include the ring in the box as a found object to generate the viewer’s curiosity. The fact that it is tarnished, and revealed to be but coated in silver very much sums up the subject of the triptych – how something which seemed so pure and cherishable turned out to be not quite as beautiful as it seemed. The ring could also represent the Princess’s beauty and passion fading, or just the passion between the two quickly wearing away.
If I were to expand my project I fashion that I may explore other characters – such as the villain who is so often the older woman, or the interesting theme of curses and transformations. However I fancy that I would still focus primarily on the stock characters of the Prince and Princess – having so enjoyed my studies of their representation by different artists, within this project. Deep and moralistic symbolism through fairytales is something I have very much liked exploring, and my perception of ‘fairytale’ characters has certainly been altered through my further understanding of their purpose.

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:: Update 3 ::

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So - I still haven;t posted my Paris photos have I?
Not even the shots from Coronata's birthday ^^'''
(I have a lot of work to do)

there was some stuff I still wnated to mentions *tries to remember*

I hate it when people speak with their mouth full. It REALLY irritates me - mostly at family gathering when my grandma and my mum are doing it. It's just disgusting - if I really have to say something quickly but am eating, I'll at least put my hand over my mouth whilst saying it.
Another thing I really hate is when people spit on the pavements? Is that because they have a tabaccoey taste in their mouth? I've witnessed so many chavs and such doing it- it just makes me wretch D: I also hate it when people burp in public, and as far as I'm concerned guys have absolutly no excuse to do it. I don't mean when people try to stifle a burp - I mean when people open their mouths wide and give such a loud performance... they intentionally burp because they can't give a damn.
It seems nobody has any manners any more (I find these things repulsive >_< *shudder*)
Although I'd like to say - as far as my latter two complaints go I can understand if you HAVE to and can't help it - it's just when people don't give a damn... urgh I'm sure you get my point...

So - have you all heard about Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver? They are remakes of Pokemon Gold and Silver - and I have been waiting for them for years! In Europe they are released on the 26th, however due to this project I'm not allowed it until my birthday in mid May! TT_TT hhrrrnnnnn

Conventions! Has anybody heard of the Cosplay Cruise? It is a new convention on a boat - sailing down the Thames. seasonaldragon1 and I may be going, but I'm wondering if anybody has heard of it/is interested in going? However my big event this year is of course Minami 16 : D None of my close friends are going, but is anybody else planning to? (registration is closed by the way.) I'll be floating around the latter two days in my Rose Bride gown - enveloping unsuspecting souls in my skirts 8D
I was hoping to may some friends before the con though, but haven't had much luck yet :S

The two competitions I've ever entered have ended and been judged =/ (I really don't understand how they are judged.)

Bye now! 8D

:iconrinbu-revolution: :iconsebastian-x-ciel: :iconlady-oscar-fanclub:

Liara's wise words of logic: a group of unicorns is called a 'blessing' of unicorns.

:: Update 2.2 ::

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 8, 2010, 3:07 PM
  • Listening to: The 'I lost my sunglasses' guy - Track 05
  • Watching: Re-watching the sad bits in Rose of Versailles!
  • Drinking: Water :F

Edit 2
Back from Paris - it was fantastic! *u* (expect... a lot of photos soon!)
I also bought tickets to see Versailles in London at the O2 arena! (kinda scary because I've never been to anything at all like this before...)
Oh, and I also got an interview for the only uni I've applied to - which is lucky! ^^'''''

Oh, and the first thing I did *after sleeping* when I got back from Paris was watch the last 8 episodes of Rose of Versailles.
OMFG - I cried so much!!! I knew it was going to be bad because of the fact that it's the whole French Revolution and stuff, but I actually thought it was a kid's anime?
André... *sniffle* D':

Anyways, Coronata's Dollheart birthday present arrived, so I'll have fun with that on Friday = P (it really is like having a birthday for myself! XD)


I'm going to Paris tomorrow... for 5 days, so I shan't be around to answer messages yo.
Also I stupidly managed to get a double in copic ciao markers. I have a spare B93 (Light Crockery Blue) if anybody would like to buy it off me for £2? (would rather not have to post.) I also discovered whilst trying to colour the :dev muraki-no-yami: 1st place contest prize, that my pale pink skin tone has completely snuffed it D: Unfortunately this is essential for colouring Mu-mu sensei, so does anybody know how to buy replacement cartridges? I heard that you can just replace the ink as opposed to having to buy a whole new marker...?

In other news: ZOMG ROSE OF VERSAILLES!!! TT_TT I was sure this was an anime that wasn't going to make me cry - I would stay strong like Lady Oscar! But it's so painful to see her falter so, and OMFG ANDRÉ!! I've had to stop at episode 28 due to time restraints, but André!!!! *sobs* I've always felt sorry for you but now...!!! *takes Rose of Versailles art book to Paris with her!*


Now that I have finished spamming your inboxes I'll spam them a little further with a new journal finally!

I have a blog: >> Liara's mostly dollie bloggy <<
As the name suggests it is mostly BJD stuff (a place to upload photo-stories for those without DoA accounts,) but I do also post some sketches there.

My obitsu also arrived.
Obitsu are vinyl dolls. They're pretty much EXACTLY like BJDs aside from the fact that they are not made from resin thus don't have strings, and are a fraction the price. My girl also has soft breasts and butt - so it's great fun to play with her ^_^ (she also fits barbie clothes and so is cheap to buy for.) I'll post a photo of her once I get around to uploading them.
I'm also very poor at the moment because I just bought Coronata his birthday present? I've been waiting for another Dollheart outfit I particularly liked, and then saw this one:

It cost a bundle, but it comes with a CAAAAAAAPE!!! 8D

I also saw Princess and the Frog (it has only recently come out in the UK.)
I loved it! I bought some merchandise as well x3 I think it's very in keeping with the previous Disney princess films - so if you are a fan of classic fairytales like that than you'll like Princess and the Frog. If they aren't your type of film in the first place than...?
The songs perhaps don't compare with some Disney films, but visually the film is breath-taking! I could omnomnom those visuals right up! (them and Naveen mmmmmm)

I am sorry that it has taken me so long to clear my DA messages. I wasn't able to reply to every one, but thank you for all your faves and comments! <3 It really means a lot to me when I see that people like a picture of mine.
I've been away recently because of uni crap ~_~
My animation burnt me out, and then I had to work really hard on my recent Paper Flowers project to prove to my tutor who had doubted that I could pull of unicorns, that I could and that it was going to be awesome. I then had my assessment (which I passed btw,) and stayed up until 3:30am (my bed time is 10-11pm every night >_<,) getting up at 7 blabla basically I didn't have much sleep. I have worked myself to the bone these past two projects and.. I guess I'm not feeling my efforts particularly recognized or appreciated? I stayed up very late very often to finish both my animation, and my final book covers, and really pushed myself to get it done. The tutor I had my assessment with wasn't espeically fond of my final book cover though...
They're also still moaning to me about getting out of my comfort zone. They don't appreciate how much I have hated this whole year because I have been forcing myself to do things I find boring, or difficult.

These past two projects and assessment has completely drained me. I've had 4 1/2 days not at uni to recover, see friends, and come up with my ideas for the next project. The next project seasonaldragon1, leannecoleman, bechahns and I have is an 8 week Final which is what we are then graded on (the previous project have just been pass or referral.)
I have never felt so demotivated =__= I'm not even looking forward to the prospect of becoming an IRL illustrator anymore...
</obligatory uni-related emo-rant>

:star: By the way guys - chibi commissions are always open.
The cheapest would be something like this:…
which would cost just £2

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:: Quizzes ::

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 24, 2010, 4:49 AM
  • Listening to: Virtual Star Hasseigaku - Utena OST
  • Watching: Rose of Versailles
  • Eating: raw shortbread
  • Drinking: Ribena

24th February 2010
--Must do it only if you currently have a gf/bf. Be honest. No secrets.--

(please read the entire meme! ^__^')

1. Are you going out with anyone?

2. How long have you been going out with that person?
not very long at all - 3 weeks tops?

3. How did you two end up together?
all my previous bfs kept just dissapearing? I'd try ringing them but to no avail ):
To be honest I'm only sticking with my current bf because he's cheap? hurhur I just need someone - and it won't be the end of the world if he dissapears like the others.

4. Have you ever gone out with anyone else in your life before that person?

5. And the one you've had the longest relationship with?
I don't know if it was the longest, but the bf before the one before this one? I really liked him - very stylish~ My brother introduced us.

6. What colour best describes your lover?
black - all my bfs have been black X3

7. Any interesting memories?
We haven't been together that long...  =/
I guess I was surprised at how thin he was at first?

8. Do you feel like cheating at all?
I'm not sure... if a fancier guy came along and there was a chance between us then I may dump this guy? *so callous I know!*

9. Anything you want to say to your current lover?
Your cheap but I love you x3 Please always be there for me <3

And one more rule to this meme.

By "gf/bf" we mean "mobile phone". Please make it sound as human as possible.

meme from Centaura-Eblan


15th July 2009
Tagged by - :iconseasonaldragon1:

1- Post the rules.
2- Each tagged person must tell 8 things about themselves.
3- At the end you must tag eight people and put their icon in your journal.
4- Then go to their page and leave a comment saying you tagged them.
5- No tag backs.

1) I've been on deviantart for ~5 years now (on various different accounts.)
2) I wear my watch and hold my fork in the 'wrong hand' (I am right handed and have them on/in my right.)
3) I love baking sweets ^u^
4) I worry that I'm too tall to be Lolita and so lapse into Gothic Aristocrat (dolls also eat my money leaving little for petticoats and £12 socks...)
5) I treat my 1 year old puppy more like a younger brother than a pet
6) I've never had a boyfriend before and have such ideals about them that I just feel naiive and rather pathetic (past experiences haven't helped.)
7) In the past week and a half I have accidentally inflicted 7+ injuries upon myself (although most are small scratches on my hand.) I also walk into door frames a lot ^_^'
8) I love Coronata probably far more than a healthy person should love an inanimate object XD

Haha - how scandelous! X3 (not really...)
I tag Llrael, yiuu, gothicdragon752, Chludo, Intimate-Vamp, Sprkdragon, TheLastVeo and The--Mutt


Please read the below long quiz XD
Then it'll make it worth my having spent an entire evening typing this all out ^^'

1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most
2. Make them answer the following questions
3. Then tag three people.

Valor Luminski (Val) :……

1) How Old Are You?
Hesketh: Of age. You you strange people would particularly like to know I am 26...
Val: Uh - I'm totally immortal. FAG.
Aristo: Mweow?
Louis: Why have I been brought here and who are you people? I demand to know or I will order the pile of paperwork through from various other seemingly-boring characters like myself, and sue you.

2) Height?
Hesketh: 6"10
Val: 6"1
Aristo: 6"2 (Val you are a short ass.)
Louis: ...6"0

3) You Got Any Bad Habits??
Hesketh: wait - Val?? valor Luminski?! As in that vampyre scum who I've been hunting all these many-a-many years?!
Val: NO.
Aristo: I'm pretty good.
Hesketh: (how do I move this screen??)
Louis: I believe the screens are locked and require whomever possesses the keys to-
Val: Yeh I think he gets it dickweed >_>

4) You a virgin?
Hesketh: I think that this question in fairly inappropriate, especially as the term has little meaning to me and my culture...
Val: Hell no baby!
Aristo: I'm married with a son.
Louis: I'll call my butler now to cal a locksmith to break these locks...
Aristo: Don't you think that's a bit extreme? All you've got to do is finish the quiz...
Louis: This is an invasion of personal privacy! What's more with these large screens I'm prevented from even discovering who my kidnappers were!
Val: What the hell makes you so special?! I'm a fricken aristocrat-
Aristo: So am I.
Louis: and myself!
Hesketh: ...

5) Who's your Mate/Spouse?
Hesketh: aaah she was a true woman of valor, beauty and purity...
Val: word round the block is that you'll sleep with any guy who comes up and asks - FAG.
Louis: How terribly common...
Aristo: I don't suppose he's from a very good family with morals like that...
Hesketh: Y-You don't understand, you see in my culture you-
Val: you're all gay? *snigger*
Aristo: What about you Louis? Have you a partner?
Louis: No.
Aristo: Than you're the only one not getting any! Hahaha
Val: hahahaha!
Louis: T___T*

6) Have Any Kids?
Hesketh: ... my chance came and my carelessness detsroyed any possibility...
Val: You suck!
Hesketh: No - actually I find that in most cases it's the other man who-
Aristo: That's not what he meant!! >_<
Val: You're pretty much of a loser then aren't you? What - how long have you been chasing me? And you STILL haven't caught me?! Although - on the other hand, I AM that amazing >u>
Aristo: I used to be an assasin, AND my wife was a whore - and yet I've managed to get a decent family life with a great kid 'n all - what did you do Hesketh? Tell her how many MEN you've slept with?!
Val: hahahaha!
Hesketh: May  the order of the questioning please be changed?

7)Favourite Food?
Hesketh: Salad and vegetables. Most fruit is too sweet.
Val: Do you eat all that crap because you're a goat?
Hesketh: ...
Aristo: I hate salad XD I love fish (such as sword fish or salmon) or meat... I also eat goat actually...
Louis: How can a goat talk? Or take a quiz? Your logic is flawed.
Hesketh: I'm not...
Val: Oh no - he's just a huge freaky goat man - with big horns on his head like some sort of monster illustrated in children's penguin classics books.
Hesketh: The order should be changed!!

8) Favourite Ice Cream flavour?
Val: Goat's blood.
Aristo: You know you get that icecream with chunks of tofee or brownie in? How about that - but with chunks of GOAT instead?
Louis: Goats milk.
Hesketh: T__T

9) Killed anyone?
Val: Hell yeh! I fill those guys with bullets and then f----d their chicks and bathed in their blood! Bwahaha!
Aristo: I previously worked as an independent assassin.
Louis: No, although-
Val: F---ing goat! Stop trying to break the door down!
Hesketh: I know you're in there vampyre! I will avenge all those who have suffered' lives!
Louis: Aah!
Val: ... ?
Hesketh: ... This doesn't appear to have been the correct door...
Louis: Who are you?!
Hesketh: er... hi ^u^''''''''

10) Hate anyone?
Hesketh: YOU!
Louis: excuse me?!
Hesketh: n-no I meant that damn vampyre!
Val: I hate crazy goat-headed people who run around buggering every man he sees using catching me as an excuse >3>
Aristo: I hate my brother, and my father when he was still alive.
Val: God you're screwed up as well!

11) Any Secrets?
Val: He killed his father!
Aristo: You don't know the whole story.
Louis: What exactly WAS the whole story then?
Aristo: ...
Hesketh: What is that doll you're carrying Louis?
Louis: you mean Ellouise..?
Val: There you go - Louis' secret is that he has a fetish for dolls which look like little girls and then he rapes them.
Louis: But they would-
Val: DONE.

12) Love Anyone?
Val: Myself, obviously.
Aristo: my wife and kid obviously.
Louis: ...
Aristo: His inanimate object-friends OBVIOUSLY.
Hesketh: my previously mentioned fiance.

13) TACOS?
Val: No pizza! Pizza is better than tacos!
Aristo: Since my son has grown up al he wants to eat is pizza - I'm sick of it!
Louis: I'm too upper-class to eat pizza...
Val&Aristo: WHAT?!
Aristo: I used to live in a fricken castle for Lord's sake. A fricken CASTLE.
Louis: Well why don't you now?
Aristo: Be... cause... I became bankrupt and my brother stole it from me >_>
Louis: Precisely.
Hesketh: I don't understand - what is this 'tacos' you are speaking of?

14) Ever slept in All day?
Val: When I've been ill yes...
Aristo: Of course! XD
Louis: For a period of time yes I confined myself in bed.
Val: Is that because Ellouise had said no? XD
Aristo: *lol*
Hesketh: I don't understand you people - in my village every man and woman would work their hardest for the good of the people! You people are most suprising!
Aristo: Well unlike you the rest of us aren't goats.
Val: Or primitive nomads.
Louis: I think we should concentrate on finishing the questions - otherwise we will never be rid of this dreadful place.

15) Eye colors?
Val: Sexual, ruby-red baby!
Aristo: >_> *cough* Blue.
Louis: Grey.
Hesketh: Brown.

16) Hair?
Val: Obsidian.
Aristo: Deep brown and pulled back into a long plait.
Louis: A dusty red.
Hesketh: Long and blonde.

17) Fat/Average/Slim?
Val: perfectly toned and desirable to ANY woman.
Hesketh: No you're not.
Val: Oh I'm sorry FAGGOT - have you been spying on me in the shower?
Aristo: I heard that you can always be on step ahead on your arch-rivals by setting up cameras in their showers...
Louis: Hesketh has a very good physique T_T
Val: ... Hey Aristo - two gays in a private room together XD
Aristo: Heyhey - who KNOWS what they'll get up to!

18) Rain, sunshine?
Val: Rain. Sunshine gives me a headache.
Aristo: A mild day is the best.
Louis: I hate you all.
Hesketh: Sunshine - I don't have many changes of clothes with me...

19) Pool, Beach?
Val: Hesketh and Louis like to go to nudist beaches to eye up other men!
Louis: I would ask you to please desist such abuse of the English language - your comments and remarks are becoming qite unfounded and weak.
Hesketh: I agree.
Louis: What's more I have never been swimming in my entire life.
Aristo: ... goddamn you're screwed up! I used to have a huge pool at the estate!
Val: Is that where you drowned you're dad?
Aristo: STFU

20) Camping, staying home?
Val: I travel from place to place, but I have to say - I have never had the misfortune to be forced to sleep in a cold and smelly tent.
Aristo: Staying at home. My wife Lemur wants to go camping with Alex our son. Daddy says no.
Louis: I've never been out of this County.
Hesketh: I have had to camp several times - but I would give anything to be able to return home to my village...
Val: Too bad that isn't going to happen any day soon now is it? ^^

21) Dog, Cat?
Val: Cat - I have a cat - it follows me around so I guess it's mine.
Aristo: Cat obviously <3
Louis: Our family once kept birds but I have never desired ownership of a cat, nor a dog.
Val: Wait a minute - Aristo - why did you say obviously?
Aristo: Pardon?
Val: Why would you OBVIOUSLY be a cat person?
Aristo: Weeelll because I am one? ^^'
Val: Well I can;t see because of this damn screen dumbass! But I know who you are now!!!

22) Believe in aliens?
Val: F--k aliens! You killed my family you dick-head!
Aristo: Wait... vampire aristocrats...
Val: Ringing any bells fart-knot?!
Louis: You're all giving me a headache.
Val: You murdered my entire family!! *runs at the screen several times* Damn they confiscated my fricken gun!
Aristo: Police! Police!
Val: *THUD!*
Hesketh: What has happened?
Louis: I believe he may have fallen unconscious. Perhaps we shall now have some peace.

23) what do you do to relax?
Val: ...
Aristo: Watch TV - but the most relaxing thing I find is to know that the man who was just trying to kill you has just lost consciousness.
Louis: I find the company of my dolls the most comforting.
Hesketh: I've never had much free time to relax.

24) Car or Ship..?
Aristo: Car. I had a damn sexy car - but somebody threw up in it... later they crashed it T_T
Louis: When I need to travel my butler drives me.
Hesketh: I walk... Or use the train! I find trains quite easy now, but the underground systems shall always baffle me. I have never travelled on a ship - but by boat is a form of transport I a very comfortable with.

25) What is your job?

Aristo: err it gets complicated. I USED to be a model whilst earning some cash doing a bit of assassination.
Hesketh: You were an assasin?!
Aristo: (you've only just got that now...?)

26) Any Unusual Things about you?

Val: uuurghhh nn?
Aristo: (I might have spitefully killed a vampire's family about 10 YEARS AGO.) I'm also a snow-leopard.
Hekseth: I come from a nomadic tribe of people - with more incommon with a RAM than a GOAT. I have also been hunting that vampyre scum for a very long time to avenge my fiance whom he viscously killed.
Louis: I collect and make porcelain dolls.

27) boy or girl?
Val: Y-your mum...!
Aristo: Oh no he's awake.
Louis: and it was so peaceful without him >_>
Hesketh: You see in my culture to have sexual reations with a man isn't considered-
Aristo: woman
Val: woman
Louis: man
Hesketh: Hey I didn't get to fi-

28) Favorite Place?
Val: Away from all of you! Sleeping with some woman with enormous tits whilst you all stay here and wallow in the misery you call your life (maybe I'll call THWT and arrange something...)
Aristo: my bed... with my wife... >3> What can I say?
Louis: Amongst my dear friends. That is all. *strokes doll*
Hesketh: Home. But I somewhat doubt if I will ever manage to return to that place...

Incase anybody is confused as to these character's relationship to each other...
Aristo killed Val's family. Aristo does not know Hesketh.
Val killed Hesketh's fiance and countless other people.
Hesketh hasn't killed anybody, but is hunting Val.

^_^ Thank you for reading this much!


March 09, 08
01; Post these rules.
02; Each tagged person must post 8 things about theirself on their journal.
03; At the end, you have to choose and tag 8 people and post their icons on the same journal.
04; Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.

01; 8 is my lucky number!!! *the only reason I'm doing this quiz*

02; I very much value the English language and people dropping their Ts or Hs in particular, as well as things like 'shup' 'ain't' 'innit' 'I done you some worksheets' <(A TEACHER SHOULDN'T SPEAK LIKE THAT!) are painful to me XP Prof. Higgins from My Fair Lady is my hero BELIEVE IT!

03; I love Chinese food such as sweet and sour chicken with noodles, but I hate rice and vegetables (ie. most japanese foods)

04; Even though I'm right handed I wear my watch on that wrist and also hold my fork with that hand (all wrong apparently)

05; I have a lump at the back of my head which has developed from hitting my head against my brother's bedroom wall too much when we were play fighting

06; I had a really bad French teacher in year 9 I believe (2005) who pretty much drove me to self harming myself a little O:3 *all over now*

07; I recently bought a kawaii bunny rabbit named Amadeus

08; I am a gothic lolita/aristocrat in real life *though obviously casual lolita mostly*


Liara's wise words of logic: In your comments and non CSS journals you can make your text smaller by using sub and sup (in triangle brackets.) This also applies to using italics or making your text bold. You don't need a subscription ^^

:: just a little ::

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 28, 2010, 10:50 AM
  • Eating: vegetable crisps
  • Drinking: Water :F

This journal is really of little importance, and I will try to post a proper one soon - there are lots of things I want to say (though I can't remember them now.)

Edit they are taking what I love, and hold close to my heart and ripping it to shreds. Anime/manga, and 'cheesy' things like fairytales and Disney are what support me, and I can't cope with things...


I'm sat in University having just had my project concept completely shot down.
Look at my gallery - I love shoujo. Utena really did change my life in that way - I love fairytales, and generally pretty things. As an artist I feel my purpose is to create beauty (beauty has many forms, it's not like I'm going to refuse to draw an old person in the future neh?)
I was told to get out of my comfort zone - which I have genuinely been trying to do. I was too ambitious with this at a time and tried to do too many unfamilair things at once (and we all know how that turned out.
Then I did an animation - because I have never animated before. I worked myself to the bone - spent every evening working on the damn thing and consequently had to neglect all my other work which I am now having to struggle to deal with. I worked so fucking hard at doing something different!!!!

Having some shitty angsty stuff I wanted to do something more light hearted. We have to illustrate a book cover of an imaginary text. I chose 'paper flowers' because I like the idea of paper roses being man trying to create beauty but kind of failing (they were gonna have newspaper texture.) First I was going to do a princess girl who takes you into her dream world which then turns out to be the streets and she's a beggar and there's a dead girl (well her hand.) But I thought that I had already done the whole Princess thing. I've recently (compared to those who watched it as a kid,) gotten into the last unicorns, and occasionally doodle them. So I decided to use a similar concept as before but with unicorns.
The unicorns go from their world of truth and absolute virtue and explore the human world - which is plastered in newspaper. They meet a guy covered in newspaper who tells them to leave before they become consumed by the deceptive world of man. They run but when he tries to go with them over to the world of truth and virtue he starts peeling away and the diseased and poisoned skin/reality of man is revealed and he can;t go with them.
I wanted to make the unicorns idealistically beautiful in comparison to the rustic world of men.

I just had the teacher fuck it up though.
I just want to do something lovely and beautiful that holds a potent message. Like a children's book with a sad ending (Bambi-esc.)
But no, he said he really didn't like the Last Unicorn, and generally threw worlds like 'cheesy' around.
He doesn't want me to use that style because he says it's like anime...
but quite plainly: it isn't.

The hair has similarities I suppose because... it's pretty (~_~) but the style of the human characters is so bizarre, and at times quite ugly (just look at their hands!)
He kept going on about how such a project would challenge me and what I would learn from it.
I was like '... horse anatomy??? > : (' plus I'm purposefully exploring different drawing styles for characters.

BUT WHAT HAS TOPPED IT OFF is that I left my hat on the train this morning. I lost my phone before christmas, and then lost my replacement phone last week (the only place it could possibly have been is ;left on the train.) And now I've lost my hat.
TBH I'd rather have my hat than my phone back - this hat cost £30 and was the entirety of my christmas present from my grandma. She bought a brown one and had to go on a massive battle to change it - and then spent ages looking for a hat box.

I've worn it every day since getting it-  and now what?

I'm also getting stressed about my application to Falmouth - it's the only place I'm applying to so there's fuck loads of pressure.
Plus with all this shit going on I completely forgot about steamed-flowers's birthday present (which is pathetic in it's self...)

I'm so miserable - I hate this uni...


:iconrinbu-revolution: :iconsebastian-x-ciel: :iconlady-oscar-fanclub:

Liara's wise words of logic: of the 10,000 people registered disable in the UK, only 5% of them are wheelchair users.

:: 2010 and selling dolls ::

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 2, 2010, 8:33 AM
  • Listening to: The Loneliest Sailor - Pirate Jenny
  • Watching: Kuroshitsuji
  • Playing: Fable 2
  • Drinking: Water :F

Happy 2010 everybody!
In my watermarks I always put 'liara k crane 09.' Now that I have to write 'liara k crane 10' it feels strange. What happened to the 1-9 liara k cranes?

I spent the night with my Rose Bitch THWT. We had an evening filled with highly intellectual films - such as Pokemon the First movie and Seventeen Again.
However I'm not comfortable with the fact that I'll be 19 this year... nor that next year I'll be 20 - what the hell?? *shudder*

My other order of business:

Yep - I'm selling the Latidoll Cara I bought from yiuu a while ago.
I just haven't got enough money to kit her out nicely, and my boys are still in want of ridiculously expensive Heisejinyao & Ziyulinlong outfits.
Latidoll Cara's base price is $270, but if you look on the denofangels thread there are loads of extra things you can buy and a special offer on the whole batch as well as more details.

Hmm I've been sucked into Fable 2. I touched upon it before (having loved the first game,) but now I've had enough time to become completely absorbed by it.
I mean: I'm a demon pirate with a zombie wife an an evil/aggressive daughter named Ysabelle. What more could you ask from in a game??

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Liara's wise words of logic: if you buy all the property in Albion (Fable 2,) you will be referred to as the King or Queen.